Extended Provision

After School Clubs

Each term we run a number of after school clubs and if you would like your son/daughter to access one or more, please fill in your preferences on the after school club letters that are sent out at the end of each term. Places in the clubs are limited and although we cannot guarantee that you will be allocated all the clubs you wish, we will endeavour to accommodate your needs as much as possible.
The after school clubs on offer to our students are as follows:

Swimming – 3:30-4:45 – £5

Cookery – 3:30-5:30 – £7

Football – 3:30-4:30 – £5

Please note due to the COVID-19 pandemic these clubs are closed until further notice.

Extended Schools & Community

Our school’s core community is first and foremost our students, then all those who work together to meet their needs, including staff, parents and outside professionals. We open our premises for use to benefit the wider community. Our facilities are used to offer access to activities such as swimming lessons and dance classes.  We support our partners by offering our facilities for meetings, training and access to specialised resources.

Work Experience

Portland Academy is immensely proud of our 6th form Work Experience Programme that has run for nearly 10 years.  We understand the importance of work placements and how such opportunities are invaluable to our students and their development. We invest a great deal of time in the organisation, maintaining business links and continuing to source more opportunities. We realise that such experiences can enable our students to build their confidence, independence, improve communication, social skills and have a platform in order to showcase their existing skills.

We are very proud of our current placement links that cover most sectors but as mentioned, we are never content and will always strive to find new employers and placements.

On behalf of Portland Academy a big thank you to all of the organisations that continue to support our students with work placements and if you are an employer and would like to support our students with a work placement please contact Portland Academy either via e-mail to [email protected] or telephone on 03339991455


Over the course of the academic year, there are a number of residentials on offer to Portland students. Derwent Hill and Beadnell were a great success last year. For any further information please contact the school office on 03339991455.