Sixth Form

Tailored Accreditation Pathways

NOCN – Using Employability Skills

NOCN – Independent Living Skills

ASDAN accreditation

Functional Literacy and Numeracy

Duke of Edinburgh


Sensory Stories

Awareness of the World of Work


Daily Snack Bar

Work Experience Placements Preparing for college/ work

Options- Hospitality and Catering, Horticulture, STEM,

Community, Friends and Relationships

Relationship and Sex Education

Community Participation

Student Council

Lunch/ after school club

Online Safety

Social Evenings

Residential Visits

Independent Travel

Walk Wise

Independent Living

Home Management Skills

Accessing Community Facilities/ services

Town Training

Walk Wise

Independent Travel

Residential trips

Switch work

Meeting new people

ICT in the home & Community/ Creative media



Physical Education

Outdoor Education



Rebound Therapy

Dance Yoga

Pastoral/ advocacy

Beauty Therapy

Measuring Curriculum Impact

The impact of the curriculum is measured through the Preparation for Adulthood targets (which are devised directly from student EHCPs), Work Experience skills and Opportunities, ASDAN and NOCN Outcomes/ accreditation.