Sixth Form

Sixth Form

In our 6th form provisions we have young people working across all Pathways. Our curriculum divided into pre formal and formal. For all our young people in 6th form, the curriculum areas (Communication & Language, Cognition, Physical Development, and PHSE) relate to preparation for life.

Pathway 1

All young people will work towards an accreditation which is currently ASDAN: ‘Supporting Aspirations’. Modules include; Meal preparation and cooking: Sensory, Personal care routines: Sensory, Sport and Leisure, and many others.

Pathway 2

Within Pathway 2 our young people seek to obtain ASDAN ‘Realising Aspirations’ accreditation. Modules are carefully selected to ensure they are meaningful to each individual as well as using their interests as a basis of choice. Chosen ASDAN modules are matched with the four areas of preparation towards adult hood ensuring the curriculum has balance and breadth, alongside the academy core areas of learning.

Pathway 2 ensures learning has a high focus on independence, communication and social skills to prepare the students for life. All learning is personalised to the individual via Learning Plan Targets.

Pathway 3

Young people in Sixth Form Pathway 3 follow the formal pathway. The focus is upon employability, independence and preparation for next steps. Young people will continue to follow the areas within the curriculum (Communication & language/English, Cognition/maths, PHSEC and PE) These areas are taught alongside NOCN Maths and English Awards at Entry level 1 and 2 accreditation. In addition to the academic skills they complete Independent Living qualifications.

There is an increased expectation for young people to be immersed in real-life learning in terms of their social and communication skills, work-based skills, independence skills and health and fitness. These aspects of the curriculum will be supported by formal programmes such as Independent travel training and Duke of Edinburgh. Young people are provided with opportunities to engage in a variety of work experience placements.