Rainbow Flag

The Rainbow Flag Award is a national quality assurance framework for all schools and colleges, focusing on LGBT+, (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, plus other related identities), inclusion and visibility.

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Portland Rainbow Flag Award Certificate

We believe in the value of this award and are proud to be Rainbow Flag recognised to help our students learn about the world around them and how to make it a better place for themselves and others; promoting tolerance and allyship is an important part of this work and our curriculum.

In Summer 2021 we held a pride march and there was a fantastic pride stall at Portfest 2021.

As a school have achieved the Rainbow Flag award and will keep working through a whole school approach to LGBT+ inclusion, as well as developing strategies to combat LGBT phobic bullying.

Within The Rainbow Flag award there are 6 sections to be met. These include:

As a school we feel it is important that both students and parents are informed and know who they can contract for advice and support.

Other supportive websites: