Class 28 have started to decorate the classroom to celebrate Pride Month, sharing positive images and statements for the school community.

Class 14 are really enjoying this terms topic 'What a Wonderful world'. We have learnt all about litter and how harmful it can be for the environment and wildlife. We then took part in a litter pick around school to help care of the world around us.

With football’s European Championships about to kick off, it’s likely that young fans will be inspired to take to the pitch themselves – or perhaps they’re naturally sporty already. High-profile tournaments such as this can be a great opportunity to teach children and young people about ...what constitutes being ‘a good sport’ – not just in terms of technique, but also attitude.

This National Online Safety guide collates our expert’s tips for encouraging fair play and friendly competition between children. It will help you to ensure that they can relish an enjoyable game of football, rugby or something else entirely — without unhealthy approaches to winning and losing polluting what could be an uplifting experience for all.









Class 10 have had a very busy week last week. They have celebrated pride month by reading 'part of the party' story, learning about their friends' families at home and creating colourful pride flags. In forest school they created their own mud paint and designed some lovely pieces of... artwork for their display. Super work class 10!

Last week Class 19 leant all about D-Day. We have looked at images from the day and had discussions about what we could see. We then designed and painted some medals for the brave soldiers who fought to save the world. Finally, the group took part in some army bootcamp training, during physical ...development, and had lots of fun doing so.

Class 5 have shown great maturity when learning about D-Day. They all participated in a discussion about the events of D-Day and were able to think about the emotions they would have felt had they been there. Everyone created a medal to award to the brave soldiers and to say thank you.