Transitions into school and through school

Smooth transition into a new school

Ensuring a smooth transition into a new school is important in ensuring our young people feel well prepared for their move and families feel fully informed and have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

For young people joining the academy at the start of the academic year we follow the transition process below. For young people joining throughout the academic year, a bespoke transition package will be discussed and agreed with local authority and family in accordance with the young person’s needs.




Transition into a new class or area of school

Preparing young people and families in the summer term for any changes that will take place in September is really important in ensuring our young people and families feel comfortable and confident coming back to school following the summer holidays. We work will families and young people across the summer term to share information about changes, to provide opportunity for families to meet the new class team (where possible) and for young people to visit and spend some time in their new class. Support is individualised based on the knowledge we have of our young people and how they cope with change.