Developing skills and knowledge to be a lifelong learner

Developing skills and knowledge to be a lifelong learner

Lifelong learning is the aim for all of our students here at Hope Wood Academy. When young people leave Hope Wood academy will be able to apply their learning in a variety of contexts and be able to function at a level that is appropriate to their developmental ability as active and valued members of the community. Life long learning is supported by skills and knowledge in English, maths, science, PSHE and other foundation subjects which support the EHCP process and progress. Below give a flavour of the core subjects:


  • The Maths curriculum reflects the diverse needs and abilities of our pupils and uses best practice from the national curriculum and western Australian curriculum. The curriculum is run by stage rather than age across all key stages.
  • The maths curriculum is designed to equip pupils with mathematical and real-life skills that will provide competencies for the next stages of education or further integration into the community.
  • The maths curriculum is designed to be engaging and exciting and promote a love of mathematical learning, thinking and reasoning skills, through high-quality teaching.


  • Science at Hope Wood Academy aims to nurture each student’s curiosity about the human body and the environment and the interaction between the two. It allows each student to ask questions, developing the skills they need to answer those questions and by using the scientific knowledge, can support to develop new technologies, solve practical problems, and make informed decisions — both individually and collectively.
  • Science at Hope Wood Academy helps pupils to investigate problems. Learn how science works and test theories as well as teaching methods of scientific enquiry, through hands-on practical experiences and investigations to stimulate creative thought.

At Hope Wood Academy, our focus within Science is about giving each student the knowledge and understanding about Science, to be confident to challenge theories, predict future occurrences and explore their world with the intention to use these skills and science understanding in their everyday lives. Each student is provided with a broad and balanced Science curriculum that aims to engage and enthuse children’s learning within the world of science from EYFS to KS4.


At Hope Wood Academy, we regard reading, writing and communication as vital skills for life and for success. With this in mind, we teach communication (speaking & listening), reading and writing skills daily to all of our pupils. We aim to deliver English in a fun, enriching and meaningful way.

Throughout Hope Wood Academy we endeavour to provide:-

  • An enriching learning environment and a wealth of experiences to provide pupils with opportunities to thrive in the key aspects of English:- communication, reading & writing
  • Support from multi agencies to enrich the learning opportunities for our pupils
  • Clear and appropriate qualification routes to support our young people in their next steps in life long learning.

At Hope Wood Academy we provide a broad and balanced English curriculum that is inspirational and exciting for all of our pupils. As a core subject, English is necessary for educational and social progress in all aspects of the curriculum and we thus strive to ensure that all our pupils receive a well-rounded learning experience when reading, writing, speaking and listening.

It is our intention when teaching the English curriculum that our pupils experience enjoyment and fulfilment whilst acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence to become lifelong learners who can communicate adequately and creatively; equipping them with the fundamental tools to achieve in Hope Wood Academy and beyond in Post-16 education, employment and as valuable members of the community.

The curriculum allows students to explore topics that teach them to develop resilience, empathy, and appreciation for others’ ideas and open mindedness in regards to equal opportunities, mental health and well-being. Throughout their curriculum journey, students encounter a diverse selection of age-appropriate texts: prose, poetry, sensory stories, creative fiction, plays, and non-fiction texts.

The English department takes an active role in nurturing students of all abilities whilst having high aspirations, irrespective of students starting points and individual needs. Instilling a love for literature through reading for pleasure is actively encouraged as it enables our pupils to gain self-confidence, acquire knowledge and build on what they already know, as well as allowing for reading skills to be a tool to learn. Likewise, phonics is still taught to those students who require its development. Hope Wood Academy adopts the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme.

Comprehension is developed through individualised learning activities that take students’ abilities and SEN into account. Equally, vocabulary acquisition is built on, allowing students to access a range of texts with understanding and allowing them to express themselves efficiently.

An equally important aim is to build writing proficiency so that students can express themselves and communicate with accuracy. The English curriculum prepares and provides opportunities for creative writing and expression, critical thinking and the organisation of thoughts in a variety of written forms.

Likewise, speaking and listening is an important strand of our curriculum as it underpins the development of pupils’ reading and writing. Our curriculum actively fosters opportunities for students to practise speaking in a range of contexts, in a variety of manners; developing students’ accuracy in expression. We strive to develop listening skills so that students are able to agree, build and challenge constructively. Lesson planning builds in opportunities to develop memory and recall so that students can retain key aspects of the curriculum and skills needed to succeed in both their studies and life.

Key Stage 3 English builds on and extends the knowledge and skills obtained from the Primary curriculum. Lesson time is dedicated to developing the building blocks required for solid reading, writing and communication skills through individualised learning as well as whole group English lessons that follow the Ascent Trust English curriculum. It is a priority for the department to ensure that students have the necessary literacy skills to access all other areas of the curriculum, so students who need extra support in this area take part in specific literacy interventions. The skills developed in Key Stage 3 will give students a good platform from which to study for their accreditation in English from Year 10 onwards.

English in Key Stage 4 focuses on consolidating the knowledge, understanding and skills accumulated in years 7, 8 and 9 and demonstrating these assessment and portfolio tasks which lead to the English qualifications on offer at Hope Wood Academy.