What our team say

What our team say

Having high levels of engagement, motivation and collaboration underpinned by our values of honesty, integrity and kindness is really important to our school family. We seek feedback continuously from our colleague team through a range of mechanisms which help us to move forward as a team.

“I believe the Mission Statement of our school says it all”


“The safety, wellbeing and education of our pupils is everyone’s priority”


“The staff at Hope Wood Academy know their students’ needs and will go that extra mile”


“Leaders are always trying to improve things for students and staff benefit”


“Current training options have given an opportunity to advance my skills and try something completely different and new”


“CPD is very highly valued. It comes both from SLT and we’re encouraged to find our own too”


“I want the students to have a calm and peaceful childhood”


“I want all of my students to reach their full potential”


“I find all of the leadership team very approachable”


“We are regularly consulted on many matters within the school and asked for feedback or suggestions to improve things”


“Students are involved in making decisions about how the school is run, the student council led by Rachel does a great job”


“Great sense of team effort, working together to achieve the best standard of care. Everyone has contribution and suggestions are valued”


“We share a common goal”


“Fantastic leaders, with the children’s welfare at the heart of everyone’s care”


“We are all clear about what we are trying to achieve”


“Seeing our children progress is an amazing feeling”


“I have always enjoyed the challenge of seeing our young people succeed”


“This is the most rewarding job in the world”


“I work with a brilliant team”


“I have made some fantastic friends from working at HWA”


“HWA is very good at knowing our families and how to support them most effectively”


“Hope Wood is an amazing place to work and inspires me to do more”


“I love the ‘family’ vibe at HWA and I love spending every day with our amazing pupils”


“There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t go home from school, feeling that I made a difference to a young person’s life”


“I really enjoy my job and get a lot of satisfaction from it”


“I feel very privileged to work with such amazing young people and passionate staff”


“I really enjoy working at Hope Wood. I feel I am making a positive contribution to the lives of our young people. I also enjoy supporting younger staff members who have only recently come into the profession”


“I feel like I have a good rapport with all the parents in our class and think they all have a good outlook on Hope Wood”


“Hope Wood is a family team”


“Great atmosphere and everyone helps each other and we are just one big family with support from everyone”


“I would definitely recommend Hope Wood as a great place to work as it’s such a supportive and encouraging environment”


“I try my best to be the best version of myself that I can be and to give the best opportunities to the students in my care”



“The students are amazing and on the whole staff are supportive and friendly”


“I love seeing what our young people learn and every day is different”


“I love my job role within HWA and the responsibility I have, to be trusted with the jobs I get given, is a great feeling. Our young people have all got their own characters and personalities that shine through to see them grow, be a part of their school journey is 100% my highlight”


“I love my job and I feel very fulfilled”


“I really love my job and being able to see the progression and development of each student is great”


“I am part of an excellent class team who are very supportive with each other”


“With no doubts in my mind, can say that every staff member all wants the best for all our young people”


“My colleagues and line managers are open to feedback and concerns”


“I get on really well with my colleagues and they have made me feel very welcome”


“Everyone is friendly and willing to talk with you”