Ethos and Values

Our Ethos and Values

At Hope Wood, our young people are at the heart of our school community and our priority is to deliver a high-quality curriculum through rich and truly enjoyable and inspiring learning experiences for all individuals.

Everything we do as a school focuses on preparing our young people for life after Hope Wood and building independence in preparation for adulthood. We are deeply aware that young people only get one chance at their education and it is our duty to ensure that they all reach the highest levels of personal achievement and development.

We want every young person to achieve life long success, whatever that may look like for the individual; to reach for success from the very first day they join us and throughout their school lives so that when they leave us, they have a love of learning for the rest of their lives and are well equipped for adulthood.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a welcoming and purposeful environment where young people can flourish because their rights, needs, and aspirations are met.

Our Motto

Learning together for lifelong success.

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of our school family.




We find our values provide our anchor for who we strive to be in our daily interactions with others, our values are shared by our young people and by our team of dedicated professionals.

Our Vision

  • High levels of collaboration ensure the very best possible range of learning opportunities are provided for our young people.
  • Well-planned, sequenced and precision teaching leads to young people making very good progress in all aspects of their learning.
  • High levels of engagement with families lead to highly effective partnership which young people benefit from through their learning.
  • Young people are able to clearly communicate their needs, wants and opinions in a communication style that meets individual needs and ensures their voice is heard.
  • All young people leave Hope Wood Academy most effectively prepared for the next stages of their life.
  • Young people actively engage in their local community, becoming agents of change and ambassadors for the SEND community.