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'British food fortnight'- Cultural capital Article 27.

Cuthbert class have enjoyed incorporating British food fortnight across many subjects; As part of understanding the world they researched locally sourced food and looked where they could purchase food on a map.
In ...English they wrote shopping lists, followed recipes and instructions to make their very own full English breakfast.
They then finished the afternoon with their very own 'afternoon tea' making egg mayonnaise sandwiches and enjoying some delicious, sweet treats all washed down with a cup of tea!!

They had many treats left over so they decided to share them with neighbouring classes in Community Citizens demonstrating kindness.

Overall, a very enjoyable day and great independence shown. well done, Cuthbert!

We are aware of a rise of cases of Covid-19 within the local area.
Whilst testing and self isolating is no longer mandatory, we ask that families familiarise themselves with current guidance (see link below) in order to try to keep our school community as safe as possible.

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COVID-19 symptoms and what to do

Find out about the symptoms of COVID-19, what to do if you or your child has them and when to get medical help.


Violet Class had an amazing time back at RepeaT for Kids. They took turns buying items in the shop, making food in the play kitchen and engaging in self-regulation activities.

Harry in Willow class was super proud yesterday as he started to explore numbers up to 100 and learning to count on. Well done Harry!

Willow Class had a brilliant session in Forest School linked the topic 'Me, myself and I'. They all helped to gather mud and make a big bucket of 'pie mix'. They then placed mud in each of the pie tins and followed the mud pie recipe to add stones, sticks and leaves in the shape... of a face.