Pastoral support in school

Pastoral Support in School 

All each young person’s needs in their EHCP being met in school is really important to their progress and success. We recognise that sometimes needs change over time or young people experience times when they require additional specialist support, this may be inside or outside of school. Within our school there is lots of help and support available for young people and their families.

The first point of call for support is the young person’s class team, class teacher and teaching assistants. They will keep in touch with home on a regular basis to discuss how your young person is getting on in school.

Each class team is supported by a department lead who oversees the operational running on each department in school, Alex is the Lead for Key Stage 3, Hannah for Key Stage 4 and Natalie for Sixth Form. If there is an issue which cannot be resolved by the class team they may speak to the department lead and this may lead to a referral into our internal SEND team.

The SEND team meet weekly to discuss young people across the academy where additional support and specialist intervention is required. The SEND team is chaired by Carolyn Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Our Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) are our internal team of colleagues who provide specialist support and liaise with a range of other agencies in order to meet our young peoples’ support needs. You can see more about the roles within the student support team below.