What our team say

What our team say

Having high levels of engagement, motivation and collaboration underpinned by our values of honesty, integrity and kindness is really important to our school family. We seek feedback continuously from our colleague team through a range of mechanisms which help us to move forward as a team.

“Senior Leaders and Middle leaders share ideas regularly and always ask for feedback to include everyone.”

“Everything from designing rooms to opinions sought and ideas listened to.”

“I feel I could talk to people if I have any ideas.”

“regular meetings and training sessions to share practice and discuss ideas.”

“I am able to voice and influence direction for supporting communication needs in school.”

“I feel trusted and feel I have autonomy over my specialist subject area.”

“Student council is an asset to our school – allowing students to¬† have a voice.”

“by listening to pupil voice and encouraging appropriate activities through PSHE the students have achieved a school that they can be proud of.”

“We have a student council and students are actively encouraged to voice their opinions in the running of our academy.”

“Lots of scope to make my own decisions and run with initiatives.”

“I am trusted and encouraged to design my projects in line with the curriculum. I feel like I can be creative in what I do and that my thoughts are valued.”

“clear expectations and teacher standards are fully embraced.”

“Regular staff briefings so everyone is on track regarding deadlines and events etc.”

“I think the curriculum is working very well for our young people.”

“Brilliant Trust to work for so many opportunities and training”.

“Feedback from students is the most rewarding, having an impact and knowing they are happy and doing well.”

“There are many good things happening in the academy that make me proud to work here.”

“Fantastic Sixth form team.”