What our families say

What our families say

We believe high levels of collaboration and engagement are key to effective partnerships. We seek feedback from our families on a regular basis and these are some of the things our families say about the school.

“Staff understand our children’s needs.”

“My son is very happy and loves coming to school.”

“You properly take the time to understand and get to know my child.”

“Staff make him feel comfortable and included.”

“We know that our child is in safe hands and well looked after. She is encouraged to maximise her learning and behaviour potential.”

“You focus on the children’s unique strengths.”

“Lots of life skills which my child enjoys.”

“I really appreciate the effort that has been made to help my child learn both academically but as a more independent young man.”

“Parents are kept involved and have regular updates on child’s progress and goals.”

“Just continue to provide and support our young people as you are doing.”

“My son talks about what he’s done that day, he never used to speak about his day.”

“Everything is going well. Very happy with the staff and working in partnership with parents. Duke of Edinburgh is a massive highlight for our son.”

“The school is excellent, and that is down to the staff, my son has had some very rocky patches, the staff have always been there to offer great support to him and myself. I truly could not fault them in any kind of way, they have never turned their back on him when its been tough. Instead, they have put their heads together and came up with a new plan to suit him and his needs. If that didn’t work, it was back to the table to find another way. I am entirely grateful of the time, effort & hard work that each and everyone puts into getting it right for him. The support we receive is amazing.”

“Highly supportive Academy to our young adult who attends, in all aspects of his development. This has allowed us as a family over the last 7 years to develop him, at a pace suitable to him, to get the best from him.”

“We feel very fortunate that our son attends BP. The staff have done so much since the day he started. We feel that he is thriving and growing into a more independent young adult than we ever thought he would. Thank you to all the amazing staff for everything.”

“The best thing that has ever happened for my son to have received a place at the academy, he now looks forward to school and has made friends.”

“My son is doing fantastic at sixth form and is growing into a independent young man with the help of the fantastic staff.”