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Key stage 4 update.
At this busy time of year Hannah will be putting all of her time into leading and developing English/Literacy across the Academy.
Glen will be stepping into the role of Key Stage 4 lead and will therefore be working with KS4 tutors, young people and families moving ...forward.
We wish you all an enjoyable holiday and look forward to welcoming all young people back on the 26th February.

Stephenson Class have enjoyed the 'Out of this World' topic and we have made links across the whole curriculum.
In literacy they have been exploring poetry, where they have created limericks about space. They have explored rhyming words, personification, metaphors, similes and ...onomatopoeia they linked this to music where they looked at the music and story of War of the Worlds. This lead to the question of "are we alone?" They also looked at the song Thunder Child and linked this to literacy. Thomas also used his time in ICT club to create a fabulous PowerPoint of al the instruments he could hear when listening to the music. They created a mnemonic to help them remember the order of the planets in the solar system. The young people in Stephenson class created their own solar system and have learnt many facts about the solar system and space. They built their very own space shuttle and looked at which countries made it to the moon. Overall Stephenson class have thoroughly enjoyed investigating and learning about is there anything else out there?

Happy Half Term!

Reading is an amazing bonding activity which you can enjoy with your young person this half term. Can you read in the most bizarre place? (Please share photographs).

We have come up with some example activities for you to complete as a family this half term - we ...would love to see what reading you get up to.

Remember - reading can take you places!

**Community library**
Did you know that at school we have a community library in our reception?
You can take books from here to model reading to your young people at home or enjoy yourself. Please help yourself and if you have any books at home you are finished with them please drop them ...off to be shared with other families.
Remember, reading can take you places too -not just your children. 📚