Our Curriculum

The Curriculum at Ash Trees Academy

At Ash Trees Academy, our pupils receive a personalised curriculum designed and tailored to meet their individual and unique needs We have a strong focus on delivering knowledge and skills in relation to Communication, Cognition, Personal Social and Emotional Development and Physical Development through thematic creative approaches.  These are taught in four curriculum pathways as detailed in the diagram below.  Our Pathway 4 pupils access a heavily adapted version of the National Curriculum at a level appropriate to their development. We endeavour to develop the whole child, providing enriching and hands on teaching and learning opportunities and experiences which prepare them for life both now and in the future.


Pathway 1

Learners with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) have complex learning needs. In addition to their severe learning difficulties, they may have other significant difficulties, such as physical disabilities, sensory impairment or a severe medical condition. These learners require a high level of adult support for their learning needs and are likely to need sensory stimulation, specialist resources and a curriculum broken down into very small steps.

Pathway 2

Pathway 2 learners have severe and complex learning needs and may have a range of physical, communication, sensory and regulation needs. There may also have medical needs. These learners have high level support needs and will require routines, short bursts of focused work within a very structured day. They require a hands-on approach with the opportunity to interact or play and explore through continuous provision. There is a holistic approach to learning at this stage.

Pathway 3

Pathway 3 learners in primary, may have severe to moderate learning difficulties and those in secondary may have more severe learning difficulties. They have a good foundation of learning and are developing skills towards the pre-NC entry points. Learners are becoming increasingly independent in their learning, and may be ready for some aspects of more formal learning.

Pathway 4

Pupils in Pathway 4 are ready for NC learning, but will likely to be following POS in most subjects below age related expectations. Because this is an adapted approach, it is impossible to teach the full NC content due to time restraints and the need to meet the EHCP targets and aspirations and continue to support a strong element of Personal development. A tailored programme will be agreed at the EHCP meeting, detailing what the study programme looks like and how it maps to the students’ aspirations.

Here you can see our long term topic plan.

These themes and topics form the vehicle for teaching our pupils the skills and knowledge that they require to make progress in our core curriculum areas of communication, cognition, physical development and personal/social/emotional development.


Please find more information below on each of our core areas of learning.