Engagement Model

The Engagement Model is an assessment tool that is used with pupils not engaged in subject specific learning, so for Ash Trees this means pupils on Pathways 1 and 2. It became statutory from September 2021.

It is an observational framework and a reflective pedagogy to identify existing learning barriers. It is not a curriculum. It supports educational professionals to create a personalised approach towards learning through pupil’s individual engagement to help identify small steps in progress. The model facilitates personalised learning by pitching to pupil’s needs, allowing teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching through the child’s progress.

So engagement identifies and celebrates all pupils’ progress, including linear and lateral progress, the consolidation and maintenance of knowledge, skills and concepts and the prevention or slowing of a decline in pupils’ performance, whilst recognising that a minority of pupils may have a regressive condition.


The Engagement Model: 

  • Is a unique method of observation, allowing insight that improves provision for all pupils
  • Uses a pupil-centred approach that focuses on their abilities rather than disabilities
  • Values all sources of knowledge and information provided by those working with the pupil, including teachers, school staff, other professionals and parents or carers
  • Promotes consistency and a common language amongst schools and all those working with the pupil
  • Recognises there is a complex interaction between pupils’ physical, sensory, communication and learning disabilities that affects how they progress


The 5 areas of engagement are: