The Curriculum at Ash Trees Academy

Our ethos and mission shines through the curriculum we offer.

At Ash Trees Academy, our pupils receive a personalised curriculum designed and tailored to meet their individual and unique needs. We have a strong focus on delivering knowledge and key skills through thematic creative approaches. We endeavour to develop the whole child to their full potential, providing enriching and hands on teaching and learning opportunities and experiences.

Our curriculum is rooted in the National Curriculum and all pupils in key stages 1 & 2 follow the core programs of study to ensure breath of knowledge and coverage of key concepts throughout their time at Ash Trees. The National curriculum is taught at a level appropriate to the individual pupil’s attainment and development level according to the curriculum routes. This enables the accessibility of concepts at an age- appropriate level.


Curriculum Routes

Our pupils are divided into curriculum routes, based on ability and attainment. We have 4 clear curriculum routes. These are;

  • EYFS- Following the Early Years Framework.
  • Pathway 1- Our Informal Curriculum.
  • Pathway 2- Our Pre-Formal Curriculum; which is broken down into 2a (Experiential Learners) and 2b (Exploration Learners).
  • Pathway 3- Our Formal Curriculum.

The pathways are not separate from each other, but interlinked as pupils may fall within different pathways for different subject areas. This means the pathways are fluid, so although a pupil may be categorised as a Pathway 1 pupil overall, they may be within Pathway 2a for Maths and English for example or a pupil within Pathway 3, maybe within Pathway 2b for cooking. This is reflective of pupils ‘spikey profiles’ in regards to learning and to ensure all pupils are challenged to excel and reach their full potential.


Curriculum Intent

Our creative curriculum encompasses all areas of learning with a holistic approach that meets individual needs. Each area of learning includes individual subject areas that are presented in a cross curricular format to ensure learning is transferable and meaningful. We aim to prepare our pupils for adult life and all that this encompasses. We aim for our pupils to become citizens who can access the community and all that it offers.

We ensure learning is focussed and exciting, focusing on a termly theme. We seek to take into account and utilise our pupil’s interests in order to motivate and enthuse our learners. Our thematic topics follow a 3 year rolling programme as shown below.