Assessment Principles


Assessment practice within Ascent Trust aims to;

  • be formative, providing information for the teacher to plan the next steps in the children’s learning, matched to need, stage of learning and age and support children identifying their own next steps;
  • be diagnostic, providing more detailed information about individual children’s strengths and weaknesses;
  • be summative, providing a snapshot of each child’s achievement – these can be reported to parents, trustees and external bodies;
  • be evaluative, allowing the school and individual teachers to evaluate how effective their teaching is;



  • We assess progress for each individual within the curriculum pathway they follow.
  • The aim of assessment is to celebrate success and promote effective learning to enable development of the whole child in the core areas of learning, PSHE and therapeutic support/ intervention.
  • Ascent will develop its own assessment schemes matched in timing and content to their curriculum.
  • Diagnostic assessment will be used to identify where learning needs to be based.
  • Formative assessment will be used inform curriculum planning for the individual.
  • Summative/ end of stage will take place at regular interval (at least termly) to demonstrate progress and attainment including progress against NC end of year expectations.
  • Assessment across all subject will benched marked /moderated at least termly this maybe within the Academy, across the trust or with appropriate other establishments.
  • Emphasis will be on individual pupils and evidencing their learning journey through learning records and logs.
  • Accreditation will be sought as appropriate to pupils’ ability, needs and interests.



The following 5 Assessment Routes have been identified for use across Ascent Academies’ Trust. The intention of this is to provide a simple, clear and common language for summative assessment reporting for Trustees, external bodies and in LAB meetings. Annually, attainment information relating to end of Key Stage outcomes will be collected.

Targets will be set using the agreed Trust rationale and reporting will be using the language of:

End of term or year target not met =         Not making/made expected progress

End of term or year year target met =       Making/made expected progress

End of term of year target exceeded =      Exceeded/ing expected progress


Please see link for Assessment Routes at Ascent Academies’ Trust